Join me in using Abra to send & receive money

Join me in using Abra to send & receive money. Download the app and have a look! Owner of Trademark GreenRush GeneralStorePublisher of (VIP and, .eu, .mx etc

HOT FINGERS PIRELLI-whose keyloggin’ us?

Ok, I am quite pleased with all the signups here!  Thank You…I will leave the signup open here until we lock down and get seriously dank with each other without governments politrix and snooping around. First, then, is how we gonna use d’VIP lounge.  For your comments and consideration for our encrypted chats we have to choose from:   a dandy to download, should we use this plug’n? code canyon is pretty good stuff, what do you think? another from cc got this for Mac…which one do you use? An app? I like this as it looks like the one time pad spook trick but is it secure? Bitcoin mag suggests a few others….oh, this gets head bhang’n. and Asia ***************************************UPDATE******************************** I really only like paranoia works so far but can add to out list to check :  used by Isis…probably busted    huh?  well if you are into cryptos until Silk Road blew it up uh…. worth checking? go cypherpunks…but I don’t want to have to spout machine language to use  checking ok Bra, da kine? We will keep adding to this and I will depend on your comments!

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