Medicate Your Honey

Cheri Sicard says she uses decarboxylated THC by using an oven safe dish with kief at 250 degrees for 20 minutes. You can add it to honey, coconut oil or whatever. Ganja-ma’s may have some spectacular ideas for the coming holidays, I hope this helps you all get started!

Angie’s List for Cann Work!

This is EXCITING!  I wanted to be the first but maybe we cann all work together and add some value from Ganja-Mon by telling you all about what The Cannabis Business Times called “The Angie’s List for Cannabis Cultivators. GreenRush General Store is hosted in Canada and emails from Iceland for maximum security and uses Let’s Encrypt for SSL HTTPS. As for I don’t know yet BUT I did sign up for an account….heh, heh, heh…   UPDATE!!!!~!~ join to be a tester or is it Sessions’ hit list?